Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I want an enamel dutch oven. I have a somewhat small one right now which I use all the time. I am pretty sure it is older than me, and the handle is starting to get loose (I know a guy that would probably want to fix it for me if I mention it :p ). I considered the Chefmate at Target since it's cheap, but if I use it a lot I am afraid it would just chip on me since I have heard the ones that are left on the shelves are badly chipped. I looked at it last time I was at Target, but couldn't justify getting it then. My dream dutch oven is so expensive that I can't even consider it. My next choices(1,2) are better as far as cost is concerned, but I still worry about the quality of the enamel. I am thinking about going to the outlet mall this weekend to see what they have there. I know they sell Lodge at one of the kitchen stores, so I am hoping I will get lucky. I have heard of people finding my dream dutch oven at TJ Maxx or Tuesday Morning, but I think you have to be pretty lucky.

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