Thursday, January 25, 2007

I was finally able to get a decent amount of sleep last night. I didn't wake up like I usually do and I fell asleep right away. I was having an interesting dream when my alarm went off at 5:45. It had something to do with Josh, me and someone else trying to go somewhere in the snow. Ok, so maybe it wasn't that interesting.

Also, I definitely had to tighten my belt today. For weeks I have been between this notch and the one farther out. I could tighten it to this notch, but it just wasn't that comfortable. This morning when i was tightening my belt I didn't even notice which notch I was in until I went to dig my Dr. Pepper lip stuff out of my pocket. Yay!

I bought flip-flops. I know it's silly since it is 8 degrees outside right now, but they are Havaianas and I had never seen them in a store around here until yesterday. I knew I didn't have the energy for tkd (I about fell asleep at work)so I decided to go to Target to get toilet paper among other necessities I seem to have run out of all at the same time. I also looked for the Dutch oven, but alas, it wasn't there. Of course I then wandered over to Scheels because I can't stay away from shoes. I found a Life is Good coffee mug for my aunt and uncle and just after I paid for it I saw the Havaianas. I have wanted a pair for a long time, and I couldn't pass them up. After I left the store and was driving through the parking lot I realized I needed another gift for my cousin, so I went back and got another pair. I was really looking for another pair of Keens since I wear my almost every day, but I couldn't justify buying a pair very similar to mine even though they were on sale.

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