Monday, January 22, 2007

I was so tired this weekend. I kept falling asleep on the drive to and from Eldora on Saturday and Sunday I kept dozing on the couch until Josh woke me up. I think the new workout routine and tkd starting again did me in. There was also the lack of sleep issue. I kept waking up during the night a few nights in a row and had trouble getting to sleep another night. You would think having Josh gone for most of the week would have made it easier to sleep. Well, he's leaving on Wednesday to go look at another school, so maybe I can recover then.

I like going to the gym in the morning. I can get it over with and not worry about trying to fit it in the rest of the day. Yesterday Josh convinced me to lift weights at the Rec Center with him. We did all arm stuff and I have a rather wimpy upper body. I could lift almost as much as him when pulling but anything that involved pushing the weight forward didn't go so well. I need to do more push-ups. I keep forgetting to do sit-ups on my stability ball. I always intend to do them when I get back from the gym in the morning, but I am usually in such a hurry to get in the shower so I can catch the 8:15 bus that I forget until I am in the shower. I think I need to find a different time.

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