Sunday, February 11, 2007


Ladies' and gentlemen, I present *dramatic pause* Calorimetry!!!

I finally did it. I started it two times last night.The first time I forgot to replace my marker after one of the short rows and couldn't figure out where it went and the second time I finally got it. The first time, I thought I had gotten it right but when I got about 3/4 of the way through I realized it wasn't. One side was significantly thicker than the other. Calorimetry made with Lion Brand Cashmere Blend in light pink is for Lexsea. She lost her headband awhile ago, so I offered to make her this one. I thought I would have it done at Christmas, but that didn't happen. Then I figured I could have it done shortly after the New Year, but again, that didn't happen. I actually finished it twice, but it was huge!! We both have kinda small heads so I had to switch to needles two sizes smaller and decrease the number of stitches I cast on so it would fit. I hope I have her address so I can send it to her tomorrow.


Michela said...

I love it! Gorgous colour and the button is cute!

Chelsea said...

Thanks Michela.