Saturday, February 10, 2007

Picture time!!!

I have been taking a bunch of pictures, mostly of cupcakes and knitting.

I will start with the cupcakes. This was my first trial for the birthday cupcakes.

Before frosting. The look kinda like brownies. They taste like them too!

With frosting. I won't show you the top view because they are pretty messy. I wasn't going for pretty; I just wanted to get the frosting on.

This is my first attempt at circular knitting on dpns. I am preparing to make my gauge swatch for Fetching.

It looks like I am doing it!

I have to have tea for this.

Woohoo!! Successful gauge swatch, or a wrist warmer.

So far so good. Cables are not that scary and neither are dpns. The pink waste yarn is where the thumb is going to go. I moved the thumb on the left one over a bit so it looked more like that right one.

It's hard to take a picture of your right hand if you are right-handed.

Yay! I did it! My first completed and successful knitting project! I used Cascade 220 in color 7811.


Annika said...

They look great!

Kerry said...

Hey, congrats to you!
I am so tempted to start knitting.

Kerry said...

Omg, you made me laugh so hard. Thanks for your comment!

Bailey said...

Chelsea!...These are so cool!

Dragonfly said...

Came over from Lotus Knits. Those gloves are beautiful! Would you mind sharing where you got the pattern? I've been looking for a good one to make for a friend. Blog is in my profile. TIA!