Monday, February 05, 2007

Ok, I just had a wacky idea. I am currently knitting two items right now. I am struggling with one b/c it keeps ending up way to big for my little head and I am insanely enjoying the one I just started last night. I started Fetching last night and it is going beautifully. So far I haven't poked an eye out with the dpns. Calorimetry on the other hand is not going well. It's sooooo simple!! I should not be having these problems with it. anyway, I am thinking about adding the cables from Fetching to Calorimetry to spice it up a bit and maybe tighten the gauge a little. I think it should work since Calorimetry uses a k2p2 rib and Fetching's cables are 4 wide. I should be able to sneak a cable in somewhere and then they will match! I probably shouldn't be changing patterns since I just learned how to knit, but I don't think I can help myself. I love cables!

As for the cupcakes, no one seemed to understand how to unwrap them. I did not think that would be the issue with them! They turned out very brownie-like which I was not expecting. The cupcake kind of overwhelmed the peanuts and caramel. The frosting was light and fluffy. I think I had about the right amount on there (I hate too much frosting), but I do think it needed to be more vanilla-y. I have another cupcake recipe ready to try, so maybe I will get to them Tuesday night when Josh is working.

This cold is still kicking my butt after a week! The cold has moved from my sinuses to my chest. I woke myself up last night because I was wheezing so loudly. i am glad to be rid of the sinus headache I have had for the last two days

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Amanda said...

You do know that they actually make cupcake wrappers in that size, and you don't have to put them in wrappers that you have to rip. Besides, once I got the hang of it, they were easy to pop out.

You're right about the overwhelming factor. I was so overwhelmed by the chocolate, I couldn't figure out how the filling tasted, and I had to go for a texture comment.