Friday, March 09, 2007

Last weekend during my grandma's birthday blowout, I was knitting my socks. I completely impressed much of my family with my multi-colored and patterned socks. that was, of course, until I explained that it was the yarn making that pattern, not me. They were still impressed, but it was the yarn that impressed them, not my new sock knitting skills.

I ended up frogging it and starting over because the stitches between my needles were really loose and I had some loose stitches at the toe. I have now started over and am almost as far as i was before I frogged. I actually un-knitted some of the heel turn this morning since I knitted the wraps incorrectly and left holes. I know what to do now, so I should have a problem. Once I get past the heel flap I can relax with some plain stockinette. I quite enjoy stockinette.

These are toe-up socks, so i think my next ones will be cuff down. i have some sock yarn coming soon and I have a good stash I intended to crochet with, but my leetle hook was splitting in a lot, so I am going to try knitting it instead and save the crocheted socks for some different yarn.

I have picks of the progress and the cupcakes, including the failed ones, but I have yet to download them. I am sure I will get that done this weekend, not that anyone cares.


Amanda said...

Are you talking about my lack of commenting? I sorry. :(

Chelsea said...

No, I figured no one wanted to see more pics of cupcakes that all look the same as the other ones :)