Monday, April 23, 2007

One baby sock is done (minus weaving in the ends)and I am done with the leg of the second. I hope to finish it tomorrow night as long as I don't break anymore of my needles. I was in the middle of a purl when the tip snapped off of needle. i was quite traumatized. I switched to my longer metal set, which is quite awkward, but i don't fear I will break them now. One of the little wood dpns in the same set has a curve to it. It feels a little weird when I am using it, but it works just fine. I just emailed Brttany Needles for a replacement. I still may buy some metals ones because the wood is a little too flexible for my taste, but they are great for slippery yarns.

I made another bundt cake and again forgot to take a picture before we dug into it. I forgot the vegetable oil so it was a little dry and the texture a little off but definitely still edible.

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