Saturday, May 05, 2007

I gave away the baby socks last Sunday, but I didn't remember to take a picture of them. I have a few shots of the in-progress sock though. See below.
baby sock

I also made a bib and washcloth out of some Bernat Cottontots. I didn't get pics of those either. Another picof the cuff of the socks.
baby sock cuff

I took some pictures of the items I got at the farmers market. I think my favorite is the eggs.
Green eggs
They are produced by free range Araucana chickens from a farm in the area. I love that they are green!

Here's another pic of them.
more green eggs

I also got some excellent looking asparagus, green peppers and strawberry rhubarb jam. I need to make some more of my baking soda biscuits to try the jam on. Maybe for breakfast tomorrow. baking powder biscuits

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