Monday, May 07, 2007

I bought a dress from Ann Taylor Loft to wear to the wedding I am attending this weekend. I first went the the local store, but I didn't like the colors they had in stock so I decided to check online. I found the brown one, so I went back to the store tried on a dress to figure out my size and ordered it online. I probably could have just asked the clerk to order it for me, ahhh...hindsight. Anyway, I went back to the mall this weekend to find some shoes. I stopped in Ann Taylor Loft, just to look, and my dress was there and in the size I needed. Doh! I could have saved $15 in shipping. I went for the faster one to make sure it arrived on time. I love the shoes I bought even though they were more than I was hoping to spend.

I am going to make a scarf for my cousin for his graduation gift. I am going to try some colorwork so I made a chart of his future college's logo.

carroll college chart
I used KnitProto get the basic idea and went from there. I am going to try double knitting so it will be thick and essentially reversible. I bought some Superwash Cascade 220, but accidentally didn't order enough yarn, so I had to order some more today. I hope it comes soon so I can get started.

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