Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I just got an email from my sockpal asking for help. I am thinking I may need to do the same. I can't decide if I should choose the pattern or the yarn first. My pal likes bright stuff and so far I like a lot of STR yarns. I like Chapman Springs, Farmhouse, Rhodonite, Titania, and Lovers Leap. Lorna's Laces also has some wonderfully bright colors like poppy and berry that are hard to pass up. If I could find a good Koigu supplier online I might have to consider those as well. Does anyone know any? I have only found purlsoho.com, which seems pretty good to me.

I guess I am starting with the yarn. As for patterns I think I am going to go for something that I probably wouldn't wear, i.e. lacy, but a pattern I really want to try. I am leaning towards Cookie A.'s patterns.


Mathgirl said...

http://www.simplysockyarn.com/StoreFront.bok is a good place to get Koigu and just a very good place for sock yarn in general. I'm partial to Koigu myself :)

Emily said...

I just saw my first Koigu this weekend and thought it was the most beautiful yarn ever! There are so many bright colors