Thursday, May 10, 2007

patterns I am considering.

I haven't seen too many of the Queen of Cups out there and am thinking about them for my sock pal. Has anyone knitted these? Also have any knitters out there made shorter version of the IK Winding cables or the Clessidra Stockings? And one more question before I stop: Is there a version of Twinkle Toes for fingering weight yarn out there somewhere?


duchessofgravity said...

thwere i sa gorgeous new pattern up on the anticraft have you seen it?
not that you need another choice :) and i did see a pair of green queen of cups posted on the pligg.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Chelsea! Cookie A herself said on her blog that Twinkle Toes is a modified version of Baudelaire from Knitty.


Your Sock Pal

Chelsea said...

Thanks for the pattern duchessofgravity. It's quite nice!

Thanks Sock Pal. I guess I have never compared them side by side!

Mathgirl said...

I'm making them. There's a slightly fuzzy picture on my blog of the cuff (I refused to post the past the heel post because of the way it makes my ankles look). But the two of us are on a "break". I think the cuff's too short and the pattern doesn't look so hot stretched out on my foot. I'm going to go back in a week and reconsider. But it may end up frogged (though I have to really not like it for it to come to that because it's a long, non-repetitive pattern and I don't want to lose all the time I put in so far)

b said...

i made the queen of cups, they are quite nice knit up, i don't have pics because they were for my secret pal. there is an error in the foot chart, email me at bluefiftytwo at gmail for the fixed chart.