Friday, June 22, 2007

First Summer Sock

I have been told this will become a sock. I trust Nona and have seen evidence, but I am still a little unsure.


ETA: The yarn was kindly gifted to me by Liz and it's from here. The patter in Sidewinders by Nona .

I started this last night in honor of the start of Summer of Socks. I may restart my sockapalooza sock on larger needles so they may count towards my total!


Dragonfly said...

Thanks for the link to the gloves! Those are very interesting socks, I just went over to Nona's site to see what you are doing. I'm working on my very first pair of socks currently but they are just cuff-down, pretty standard looking.

KnittingHawkeye said...

I see the Hawkeye sock yarn is coming in handy =P

AndreaLea said...

Hmmmm... exciting. So, I suppose you have to seam them, eh?
I'm just about to try my first adult size pair of socks too. The toddler-sized ones seemed to go ok so I'm feeling a little brave.
I'm starting to get impatient with my garden. My 4-year-old picked the only tomato we had growing.

AndreaLea said...

Duh, I should have clicked the link before asking about the seaming. :)

Chelsea said...

It happens!