Monday, June 25, 2007

This weekend wore me out. Friday night we played paddle hockey at tkd. Basically you use the paddles we normally kick and use them to hit a racquet ball between a couple of bags used as the goal posts. I am not sure why but my lower back muscles were incredible sore and tight after a little less than an hour of paddle hockey. On Saturday I could hardly move without it hurting. Driving for almost 5 hours on Saturday didn't help.

Saturday I planned to take my dad and grandpa to lunch for a belated Fathers' Day. Coincidentally, my aunt and uncle were purchasing a new car that happened to be in Ames where my dad and grandpa live. I received a call from my mom at 7:30am on Saturday asking if I was on the road yet because my aunt and uncle were just over an hour drive away from Ames! I had assumed they were going to be there around lunch time since they were driving from Wisconsin. I showered and was on the road 20 minutes later and arrived in Ames shortly after they did. I listened to a HP and the Half Blood Prince on the way so the 2+hour drive both ways wasn't too bad. I met my mom and cousins at Borders in Ames and we wandered around there and Target for about an hour. I took my dad and grandpa to lunch then we went back to my dad's to look at pictures from his trip to China. I re-started the Cable Twist socks while looking at the pictures, but of course, I made a mistake that required frogging most of what I had done.

Saturday night Amanda, Josh, Randal and I watched the UFC fight night and ate beer cheese dip and fruit pizza. I could have fallen asleep before it even started at 8:00. I brought the sock to knit to help me stay awake.

After frogging the Sidewinders a couple times, I finally finished Act I last night and started Act II this morning. At least it looks like it might fit on a foot now.

I am almost done with the cuff on the second attempt at my Sockapalooza socks, but I noticed a mistake a few rows back when I was on the bus this morning.


Dragonfly said...

The sidewinder is looking well! Better than my sock went. (well constructed but wrong size, it's on my blog). I'm intrigued by this sideways thing.

Amanda said...

It wore me out, too.