Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Summer of Socks starts on Thursday, the summer solstice. I have two pairs of socks going right now, but they won't count towards my total for the summer, which means I should probably get ready to start more socks.

The first sock for my Sockapalooza pal is about 2/3 done. I have finished the gusset and am onto the foot. I think they will fit her well; at least I hope they do. I think after I finish this pair of socks, or maybe even on Thursday, I am going to start Sidewinders. I have made a pair of socks toe-up, a pair of baby socks, and am in the middle of some cuff-down socks. Obviously sideways socks are the next logical step.

Sunday was the Crazy Girl Yarn Shop sock club meeting I attended. I finally got to meet Liz, whose blog I found on Sockapalooza's pligg. We spent most of it talking about our many common interests and she gave me sock yarn. I will have to take pics so I can add them to my stash on Ravelry.

I am a little worried that it may be hard for me to go to the cabin this year. Josh was planning to join me at my family's cabin for a few days this summer, but I am not sure that is going to happen. With one of the tkd instructors leaving sometime this summer Josh and I are going to have to take over for him. This means we will both be teaching at the Nest on Monday and Thursday nights, but that also means if we both leave town at the same time there will only be one instructor left for each night at the Nest instead of the usual three per night. I would love if Josh could come to the cabin with me, but I also know that if there are no other instructors for the Nest he will stay to teach so I can go to our cabin. I guess if he stays here I will be able to stay longer than I would if he came with me, but I was really looking forward to some cabin time with him.


Amanda said...

We totally need someone else to start working out at the Nest. There has to be someone at least available to sub, plus it's really good experience for someone looking to get their black belt.

KnittingHawkeye said...

I put the fact that the contest is going on on my blog with a link
It's cool that both you & Anna entered