Thursday, August 30, 2007

Stash enhancement

With the motorcycle class this past weekend I forgot to post a pic of my haul from Fearless Fibers. The two on the left are from the sock club and the two on the right are ones I ordered just before the sock club yarns shipped. Deb kindly combined the shipping for me. The little envelope contains the tags I mentioned in an earlier post.

Here's the first Charade Sock. It is in Fearless Fibers Superwash in the Marrakesh colorway. I love the color. I intend them to be a Christmas gift, so I hope I can part with them when the time comes. The socks fit me well and I think the recipient and I wear about the same size shoe. I thought I might get bored with this pattern, but it went so quickly, when I actually worked on them, that I didn't get bored at all. I ordered another set of 2.75mm dpns so I don't have to keep knitting the second Leyburn sock on 4 needles. I have discovered I really prefer 5, especially on the gusset.

We plan to take our "written" exams at the DOT this Saturday to get our motorcycle licenses. The DOT's manual had a few questions that I thought were odd, but I got most of them right, so I think I will be fine. I will probably look through the manual at least once before I take it. I am incredibly thankful I don't have to take the driving test at the DOT. I wouldn't pass on our bike.

If you haven't noticed the addition to my sidebar, I suggest you take a look. I am referring to that large red button I added. I am trying to raise money for childrea of northern Uganda. You can also join GuluWalk in if you are in the area or there is one in your area. Raise a little money, take 7-9km walk on October 20th, or just donate to me or my lab's team. We would really appreciate it! Even Sarah McLachlan is joining in.

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