Friday, August 31, 2007

I am really looking forward to this long weekend. I didn't really get a break last weekend because of the class and I was so tired afterwards that I needed a few days to recover. I think I will spend most of the time cleaning out my closets and knitting. last time I seriously cleaned the shower, I completely missed the spot under the built in soap dish and it is really nasty now. Of course I am going to make an attempt to get my license on Saturday. I also plan to do a little more research on the towns that have culinary schools I am interested in.

I want to finish the the Charade and Leyburn socks done so I can free up my needles to do some more Christmas gift knitting and crocheting.

Our first of three classes at the GymNest on Thursday nights is full of four year olds. They were fairly well behaved, but last night didn't involve much actual tae kwon do. The class description specifically says it is for 5-7 year olds, but the Nest doesn't seem to go by their own descriptions. Four may be old enough for their gymnastics classes, but it is not, generally speaking, for tae kwon do classes. One parent even expressed some concern about the size of the class and the age of many of the students. Most are signed up on a weekly basis and we will lose a few as the weeks go by, but I am sure there will still be a few kids I wish had waited a year before starting.

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