Friday, September 14, 2007

First, some knitting...

The first socks of Fawkes and Anastasia are almost complete. Anastasia just needs to be bound off and Fawkes needs another 2.5" before I start the toe. I am making Anastasia a little shorter than I normally do because I want to make a matching headband from the remaining yarn.

Now, on to beer...

On a whim, I purchased some Fat Tire beers at Fareway. There were $3 for 22oz bottles. I picked up the Amber and a black ale. I think we drank them in the wrong order because the amber tasted bland after the black ale. It was reminiscent of the Blackout Stout from Great Lakes, that is one of my all-time favorites. After awhile the amber tasted better; it is actually really good. I can't wait until we get the 6-packs around here. I also can't wait until Josh's amber is ready!

I have a question: Do the boxed mixes for Funfetti cakes use sprinkles for the confetti look? I believe that is the case, but it has been such a long time since I made a cake from a mix that I can't remember. Josh' b-day is Sunday and he wants a Funfetti cake, but I can't bring myself to used a boxed mix, especially when a cake from scratch is not much harder and tastes soooo much better.

Lexsea, if you are reading this:
Do you think mom will like this color?


I think it may be a little too dark and reddish for her. I think it may even look a little darker in person than in this pic.


KnittingHawkeye said...

I know my mom would love that colour. I'm stuck knitting scarves, socks, etc for holiday gifts
everything for me is on hold. blah!

Roberta said...

Yup, just sprinkles for the Funfetti. When my pink-haired daughter turned five in June, we added some chocolate sprinkles and red food coloring to her yellow cake batter so the sliced cake would look like a watermelon with seeds! Worked perfectly. If you can find the crunchy sprinkles (rather than the ones that feel powdery when you bite into them) they endure the wet batter a bit better and don't bleed as much, but it still comes out good either way.

AndreaLea said...

I forgot Fat Tire beer is here finally! Not sure how considering my husband has been putting it on the grocery list ever since they announced it.
When you get the funfetti mix in the box, they're weird little blobs. But I agree with roberta, crunchy sprinkes work fine in batter. You can put in the little shaped ones too but they kind of start to dissolve.