Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I just found some purple shoes I could see myself wearing. Maybe I will save up for them. They are a good style for showing off handknit socks.


I have decided what my first sweater is going to be. Initially I was thinking about the Ribby Cardi, but i have switched to Wicked. I like the idea of seamless knitting also I will be faster at stockinette in the round. I plan to use Cascade 220 in either a dark teal, olive green, or brown. I think I will go to Crazy Girl on Saturday to do some looking.

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Roberta said...

CUTE! I'm such a sucker for shoes, and you always find the cutest styles in our size. ;) I'm seriously considering something along those lines, too, because my clogs bit the dust and my socks are all too pretty to stuff into shoes that don't show them off.