Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I was actually cold this morning while waiting for the bus! I wore a long sleeve t-shirt and a double layered fleece jacket, but my poor hands and ears were cold! I almost wished I had a hat and some gloves. Yay for fall! I may need to make another pair of Fetching or Dashing that fit me better to wear this fall. The Endpaper Mitts would be fun, but they would take me awhile. I often knit or read while waiting for the bus so I like my fingers free.

I finished the first sleeve and started the second sleeve of Ribby last night. I intend to seam it up this weekend and put the collar on so I can get the zipper ordered. I will have a pic soon, but right now it doesn't look like much. I really hope it fits! I just purchased this book to help with assembly and zipper installation. I have been very monogamous with this sweater, which is rather surprising to me. I hope the Sockapalooza-er who I am acting as sock savior for can forgive me for how long her socks are taking. I started her socks; I just need to frog the portion I did after the cuff so it doesn't look so crappy and start over with a different short-row technique. I am leaning towards this one, which I have used successfully before.

I may need to make some chili or creamy chicken and wild rice soup tonight. I have an acorn squash and a mystery squash that I need to roast. I still need to make the brownies I have been craving for the last month, too.

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Anonymous said...

I am loving this weather. I am tromping around the house in knit socks and the cool weather gave me a good excuse to wear a knitted scarf (all day) today :)