Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Hee! I just thought of something that is probably only amusing to me. My sister and I are giving my mom and ourselves tickets to Wicked in Chicago for her birthday and taking care of all the trip expenses for her Christmas gift i.e. hotel, food, anywhere else she wants to go. Of course I am also making her socks. But anyway, I am going to make Wicked for myself, which I can then wear to Wicked.

Ok, so it's not really that amusing, is it? Sorry.

In other news, I am in charge of the stuffing, green bean casserole, pumpkin pie, a veggie side-dish, maybe some mashed potatoes and possibly a turkey, for my family's Thanksgiving dinner. We need a large turkey, i.e. 20lbs, to feed all of us and have leftovers for supper and the next day. I made all the side dishes last year, but not the turkey, so i am a little nervous about that. I have successfully roasted a chicken and it's essentially the same idea, it just takes longer. Maybe I will roast a smaller one for practice and use it in soups and other stuff. I also don't have a roasting pan, but my mom as two, for some odd reason, so I will probably just borrow one or buy it off her. Everyone really liked what I made last year, so I am not worried about that stuff. A 20lb turkey is a little daunting though. It's a good thing I like cooking for people.


Amanda said...

We always use the Reynolds baking bags, and it turns out wonderfully. They make them turkey-sized.

Dragonfly said...

Every time I see that you are going to knit Wicked, I keep thinking of the one in Chicago. I want to see it, I should stop putting it off or I may miss it!

Totally clueless on turkey cooking. Usually if I am going to cook, son and I get the sides and mom or sis get the turkey and pie.

Jenny Raye said...

Yummmm....turkey! Try to get a fresh one rather than frozen--the difference is unbelievable!