Monday, October 08, 2007

A weekend at home is so nice. We went to a movie and out to dinner. I also got to see my sister as she passed through town. We were at the mall for a very long time, which was weird.

Josh replaced my car's stereo since mine died on the way back from MN a couple weeks ago. The kit we bought didn't fit correctly so he had to mess with it for a couple hours to make it work. We told the guy at Best Buy what car it was for and he went back and got us a kit. After awhile wh realized my car wasn't even on the list the kit came with. No wonder it didn't work. Josh will try to return it today. At least it is in and working. At least that's what Josh said. I haven't examined it yet.

Didn't do a lot of knitting. I didn't even finish the first sleeve of Ribby, but I do have the back and both fronts done. I hope to have it all seemed this weekend so I can order a zipper. I think I am going to do the short, stand-up collar rather than the rolled or shawl collar. I got the yarn for Wicked on Saturday. It's actually about the same color as sweater on the website. I am planning on 3/4 length sleeves, but have enough yarn to make full-length if I so choose. Pocket or no pocket? I like the idea, but I don't think it will be terrible flattering on me.

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Dragonfly said...

"didn't do much knitting" but managed to finish the other front piece... *tease*

How was the movie? I don't have much background with R.E. but that one looks good to me anyway. Just have to lose my son for an evening.

Best Buy annoys me for those types of things. I've started doing my own research online first and then just going and picking up what I picked out myself. I'm sure it ruins their commissions or something but I don't care.