Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I made a stupid mistake. I somehow forgot to renew my car's registration and last night we got pulled over for it. The worst part is, Josh was driving so he got the ticket. I am of course paying it, but I feel so bad because it was my stupid mistake. I took care of it this morning; i.e. walking about 45 minutes in a cold drizzle to get from the bus stop to the county administration building and back to work, because driving my car wasn't an option.

At least all the walking kind of made up for not going to the gym this morning. I wasn't going to risk another ticket by driving to the gym. At least I have my lentil soup to comfort me in this nasty weather. I also have the His Dark Materials series loaned to me by a former co-worker so I have some reading to look forward too. I bet a I could sneak in a little reading at my desk today while I am incubating, digesting, and PCR-ing DNA.


LotusKnits said...

Ouch I bet that ticket will be pricey. I almost did that in November. Hey, at least you got some exercise!

Stay dry!

Amanda said...

You went an entire year with expired plates?