Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I really want a new camera. I have taken a lot more pictures lately, and I get very frustrated with my camera at times. The zoom is useless because it just makes things blurry and the camera can't focus it. I can't get colors to turn out right unless I have just the right amount of light. Low-light pics are not happening because it is nearly impossible to keep the camera still while the camera takes the picture so they are always a blurry mess. Since I am opposed to using the flash for the most part, this makes taking pictures frustrating.

Since I received my first digital camera as a gift almost 3 years ago, I am not opposed to spending a bit more than I would normally. I think I will use the money I received for my birthday and Christmas for a new camera. I thought about getting a DSLR, but they are more than I am willing to spend right now, especially with lenses figured in. I am thinking about a bridge camera because they are significantly cheaper and probably all I really need at this time. I am leaning towards the Canon PowerShot S5 because I have read good things about it and the price isn't bad.

I figure if I wanted a camera similar to mine, but newer and better, I would pay almost $200, and this one, at Amazon and a few other places, is around $320. Now, with my Christmas/birthday money added in I am paying about $100 of my own hard earned money. I can deal with that.

Josh thinks I am nuts for wanting a new camera, but I don't think I care. He's the one that took a photography class!

Any thoughts/suggestions?


Amanda said...

Three members of my family have that camera (or the previous incarnation) and really like it.

You didn't go into what you liked about bridge cameras over compact, but from what you said you didn't like about your current camera, I think a compact can still fill those particular needs. I'm really happy with my little PowerShot in all those areas.

AndreaLea said...

I have the Canon 3SIS (now upgraded to 8MB and called S5IS). It was a little pricey but definitely worth it. I like that it has the option to add fancy lenses if I ever get super talented at photography. I used to have a PowerShot (bought almost 5 years ago) and replaced it mainly for better zoom and higher MB.
The drawbacks of it are 1) it's bulky and 2) I know little about photography so I have to reference the manual frequently.
Otherwise, I've seen tremendous improvements in my pics without any improvement in my ability.

Libby said...

I finally replaced my POS Nikon Coolpix, I think it had like 2 megapixels. It was a gift 5+ years ago. My first love is a film SLR that I used all through college.

My parents gifted me with a Nikon D-40 for Christmas and decent photography may finally be back in reach again. Though I'm going to have to commit to taking better pictures rather than just on the fly because I want to blog.

Sounds like you've made a good choice. I've heard lots of good things about the PowerShot and was considering it as a purchase before I was gifted a new camera.