Thursday, February 14, 2008

I am not even going to mention that it's Valentine's Day...wait, does that count as mentioning? (ETA: At 1:45pm today it was pointed at to me that I am wearing an appropriately red shirt. My first thought was "Crap, I didn't mean to be festive!")

Anyway, my Monkeys are almost done and my boss approves of them. She said they were the coolest socks ever, or something to that effect. I will hopefully finish them today. Speaking of Cookie A patterns, she mentioned on her blog the need for test knitters, so I of course offered my knitting services. She wanted to see pictures of our knitted objects to help her decide who her test knitters would be. Well, she picked me to be part of her test knitting group, and I am rather excited. I do get a bit of compensation in the form of yarn and a copy of the book when it is published. I am not sure what the policy will be for posting pictures of the test knits. I plan to CO Thelonius or Poms when the Monkeys are done to get some more practice in.

My weapon for Hat Attack has been received by my target. It fits her well, so my second attempt must have been much closer to gauge. I think my knitting may have tightened up as I went. I knit it using the combined method which seemed most natural to me for carrying the yarn in my left hand and must have gotten better as I knitted. First project, other than color work, where I knit carrying the yarn in my left hand. It went rather well. The knitterly instrument of my demise will most likely arrive tomorrow or Friday depending on my assassin's chosen shipping method

This is to show you the actual size while I make a weird face. Sadly this was the best pic I could manage to take of myself.

A closeup to see the detail. (ETA: Ok, not sure why it isn't showing up, but if you are really curious, just click.)

I have joined the Daring Bakers. They are a group of food bloggers that are given a recipe, which must be followed exactly with few exceptions, which post on the same day about the month's challenge. I am not officially a member until I complete my first challenge. I will be purchasing some unglazed tiles to line the bottom of my oven and baking my bread this weekend. Wish me luck!

another edit:

When I have downtime at the lab I browse food and knitting blogs and save recipes and patterns to Google Docs so I can access them at home. Google dressed up for VD. It made me laugh.
google docs VD

...and weiner dogs!!!


RadioactiveUnicorn said...

Test knitter for Cookie? That's so exciting! I like the hat, too!

Carrie said...

Congrats on becoming a test knitter, that's pretty darn exciting!