Monday, February 11, 2008

Prepare to die!

Ok, not really die, but as in no longer an active participant in Hat Attack. Kspeak(Ravelry) is my assigned target. Her hat is in the mail and should arrive in 2-3 days. Of course, I looked at my assassin's projects and noticed my hat is done as well. Considering I knit two of these hats in as many days (other than weaving in the ends this morning) I figured the "weapon" would be arriving in the mail shortly, along with my demise. But I am not complaining as the hat(Ravelry) I am to be slain with is gorgeous! I used this as a stash busting opportunity and killed a whole ball of yarn with the two hats.

I think my boss' daughter or a small of stature coworker may end up with the small hat. I blame the gauge swatch. maybe knitting a gauge swatch while drinking a beer is not the best plan. I think the beer made me knit looser. I didn't get a picture of the hat I sent, but I will take one of the too small hat. They look exactly the same except one is on a smaller scale, so you will get the idea.

In other news, it is really freakin' cold again and here are more birds!

ETA: I just noticed it got to -40F in International Falls, MN, which makes our 2F not look so bad. Funny thing is, when I was in International Falls this summer it was about 135F degrees warmer.


LittleB22 said...

the birds are cute!!

Cookie baker Lynn said...

My son saw this pick and said, 'Aw, cute little birdies!" They are tres darling!

RadioactiveUnicorn said...

Haha, I can live with that ;)

btw, your birds make me think of spring, which makes me very happy!

Anonymous said...
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