Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The iPod shuffle is now $49 instead of $79! I have contemplated purchasing one for awhile now. It would be perfect for working out. The one I currently own pulls down my shorts when I clip it to them, and I am not a fan of wearing it on my arm.

We would like to purchase a house when we move.Josh and I are going to a home buyers' seminar tonight organize by a local realtor. I am looking forward to understanding the whole process a little better. We know that may not be possible initially, but we would prefer it. We want a house that needs a bit of work but is move-in ready. I am really excited about the whole process of buying a home, but I am also nervous due to the amount of money involved and my lack of knowledge.

We have been saving for a down payment on a house for awhile now and have a decent amount. We have been staring at listings to determine what we are looking for in a house (basement, garage, big kitchen!) and what we can live with for awhile (ugly counter tops, fake wood paneling, pink bathrooms). Josh plans to work at Lowe's part-time so we can take advantage of his discount and the knowledge of the people there.

Do you, my faithful readers, have any knowledge you would be willing to pass on to me?


RadioactiveUnicorn said...

We bought a house this summer! It was so exciting! I don't know what you want to know, but if you have any questions I guess I know how to buy a house...

Dragonfly said...

OH, poor 11yo son just saved up & bought one of those about two weeks ago and paid $79. He is going to be pissed!

No house knowledge but I'm hoping to buy one in ~18 months so maybe you'll teach me.

AndreaLea said...

House buying is such an ordeal. There is so much to think about, but it is super exciting!!
Hubs and I are in our second house now. We'll probably be here for a while. It's funny because you think you know exactly what you want but within a year or so, you'll refine your needs/wants and want to look for another house.
I think the most important thing is to find a good realtor who will walk you through the whole process and be thorough in answering your questions. I can recommend an excellent one if you're interested. :)

LotusKnits said...

I totally love my shuffle. It's lightweight and clips to anything. It rules.

Re: housebuying - it's stressful and costs more than you think. But it's worth it when you get what you want. If you can borrow the downpayment and use your saved $ to make changes you'll be that much closer to being happy. Fixing up and maintaining a house is a constant money suck. But it's lots of fun too!

Amanda said...

Talk to a loan officer next, and find out what the mortgage options are, what your price range is, and what your monthly payment might be. Find out how much of a down payment you need in order to qualify for a fixed rate.