Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New coat, new info and a new sock

Love the new coat! It's a little big in the waist but fits my shoulders perfectly which is always a problem for me since my shoulders are wider than my hips. It kept me much warmer than my other coat and my legs weren't numb when I got on the bus. Of course the bus driver had to pull up to the curb instead of stopping at the driveway 10 feet further forward, which mean we had to navigate an icy pile of snow then figure out how to get from there through the door of the bus. I made it without too much trouble, but I am more graceful than most.

The home buyers seminar was shorter than I expected but helpful nonetheless. I understand the terminology a bit better and had some of my guesses about things confirmed. Thank you for all your helpful comments. I appreciate them.

I started a new sock in TOFUtsies last night because I thought I may need some simply knitting for the seminar and the bus ride as my firs of the Pomotomus' is at the heel and won't be good for public transit knitting until I get passed it and memorize the foot chart.


Cookie baker Lynn said...

Your new coat looks perfect. Warm and it fits - bonus!

The new shuffle is amazing. I couldn't believe how small it is. I have a first generation iPod that I inherited from my daughter. I attach it to the back pocket of my jeans when I'm baking and get some serious low-rider pants. Good thing no one can see through my kitchen window!

AndreaLea said...

You look warm!!
Glad you found the housebuying seminar useful. The whole process can become so overwhelming. So it's good to know what you're dealing with. :)

Dragonfly said...

Love the coat and that's good news that the seminar was helpful!

if the bird army is at 55% does that mean you have another 5-6 birds to go?

Libby said...

We are coat twins!

Now I see your picture and I realize that we taught knitting together at the Craft-a-thon, but I failed to introduce myself.

Chelsea said...

I love my coat so far!

I failed to introduce myself as well. We were a bit busy!