Friday, February 01, 2008

Work has been terribly frustrating lately. I can't seem to get the simplest reactions to work. My cloning projects are stalled at one step or another because I either planned it poorly or something didn't work for whatever reason. I haven't gotten anything accomplished in the last two weeks!

Knitting on the other hand has been going well. My Inga Hat has performed beautifully during the last few days of below zero wind chills and sideways snow. It was a little tight initially, but it has stretched a bit and fits nicely now. I have started some Pirate Mittens in purple and white, but the first one is sooooo tiny. I guess the problem could lie with my gigantic hands, but I am going with the pattern on this one. I think I will be adding a total of eight stitches, going up a needle size and adding an extra skull and cross-bones so they will fit me. Now I need to find someone who wants purple pirate mittens and has small hands. Of course they will have to wait a bit as I stopped at the thumb of the first small mitten. Oh, and Hat Attack starts soon! It's like Sock Wars but with hats.

My second Sockapalooza 4 pal received her package. Along with the socks, I included two skeins of sock yarn, a little bead like the one I use for my stitch markers and other stuff, a pencil box, a candle and some soap as well as the yarn remaining from her socks in case repairs are needed.

In other Chelsea Knitting News, I have volunteered to teach some Girl Scouts to knit next Friday night for TPP's Craft-A-Thon. I have yet to ever donate anything to TPP, but I have made stuff. I am forgetful and often lazy. I do love teaching people to knit though. If you are in the area, go check it out. It's an all day even and details are in the link above.

Ok, I think I have decided on the camera I will get. In the interest of saving some money,instead of the Canon PowerShot Pro S5 I will get the Canon PowerShot SS100 IS It's $100 cheaper and still has many of the features I want in new camera.

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Dragonfly said...

well I have an 11yo who would think purple skulls are the bomb....

Good for you sharing the knitting bug with impressionable young'uns