Thursday, March 27, 2008

I woke up to what sounded like sand hitting my bedroom window around 4am. In reality it was just sleet, but in my dream, right before I woke up, I was driving down some road and my right wheels where rolling through some sort of sandy gravel. No idea where I was going though. At least it's not snowing or sleeting anymore, but the wind is making it rather chilly and apparently thundersnow is predicted for our area later today or tonight.

I wish I wore a pair of my wool socks today rather than Tuesday when it was almost 60F. I had to take them off when I got home because my feet were too warm. That rarely happens.

The next round of Sock Madness doesn't start until April 1 so I haven't been doing much knitting. I think the amount of knitting I did to finish that first pair of socks did my wrist in. The tendinitis returned for a few days after I finished so no knitting progress. i may need to go back to my bird army. I recently remembered I have some teal left over from Wicked and a couple skeins of Patons merino wool that are destined to become this hat, but could each spare a bit for a bird.

For those of you who care what my DVD collection contains, I have not purchased the X-Files. I think I still want to though.


Cookie baker Lynn said...

Good for you for giving in on the DVD. You'd have kicked yourself later when it wasn't on sale any longer and you still really wanted it. And I'm sure your kicks hurt!

RadioactiveUnicorn said...

I didn't wake up to sleet at 4, but I did wake up to rain at 7. For a second I had no idea what that sound was, it's been so long since I heard rain!

Are you going to Noon knits tomorrow??

AndreaLea said...

I couldn't believe it was raining and snowing all night! Crazy.
I want to go to Noon knits. :(

Dragonfly said...

giggling a bit about the X-Files, but I agree with Lynn!