Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The time change is still kicking my butt. I am just waiting for the weekend so I can sleep in.

I finished one of the blah socks. I even wove in the ends! I will try to start the next one tonight. I promised them to a co-worker so now I have to finish them. If I don't like the next pattern chosen for SKP2008 I may give up. I don't see a point to knitting more things I won't enjoy.

Oh, for those of your curious about my bird army. I don't want any matching birds, but I have run out of different colors of worsted weight wool, so they are on hold. I can justifying the purchase of more wool for birds because the Happy Little Bird Army can provide security at my new house when I get one; therefor the money I spend on said wool is beneficial to the house I am saving money for. Right? Currently the birds are the overlords of the TV. Actually they are just sitting on it looking kinda innocent or malevolent; depends on the lighting.

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