Monday, April 07, 2008

elephants, owlet, frog, airplane and another bird

I was busy this weekend. I had little energy to spare due to whatever virus has attacked me now, so I crocheted.

pocket elephants
Pocket Elephant

little airplane
Mini Stuffed Airplane


Mr. Froggy
Mr. Froggy

I made another bird as well, but it was dark by the time I finished so no pic. I have an army of 11 now and two more colors of yarn to go before I have gone through the colors of my stash. More pics can be seen here. The elephants have tails!

Seriously, the sitting and crocheting was about all I could handle. I had no energy and even laughing would make me cough. I am still coughing and am really sick of it. It's rather hard to get a workout in!


RadioactiveUnicorn said...

If laughing made you cough, how on earth could you make all these adorable funny toys without keeling over? The frog especially makes me smile! (=

AndreaLea said...

So cute! But I must ask, what are you doing with this menagerie of animals you are creating?

Shirley said...

Do you have patterns for these little cuties or do you make them up as you go. These little things would be something to include in baby gifts and could easily be put into a child's pocket or bag. I especially love the elephant.

My son bought me a little bottle of cinnamon schnops called Hot Dam. Allowing just a touch glide down your throat helped my cough. Not I swear by it, and I don't drink alcohol.

Dragonfly said...

Love the Mr. Froggy!!

Been sick all week too, coughing if I try to talk so I know how you feel.