Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Found a new online shoe store. 6pm.com has the same brands as Zappos but they are cheaper and somehow related to each other. I want these and these and these and few of these.

I have been thinking a lot about ways to make fixing up a home better for the environment as well as cheaper. One easy way to freshen up a room is new paint, but paint doesn't always smell so fresh, so I have been looking into environmentally friendlier paints. Also, I am interested in Habitat ReStores for cheaper building materials.

I discovered Yoga Today through another blog, but have yet to try it out. I think until this chest cold clears up this may be the best type of workout that won't send me into a coughing fit. It's free and there are new sessions daily as well archives of older sessions.

I need to explore this site a bit more, but I am intrigued. It has "free" and "books" in the description.

I really want to try making my own butter. It looks so easy, and I am interested in how real buttermilk compares to the cultured buttermilk found in stores.

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