Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Since it was snowing last night I decided I needed to make desert. Ok, so that's not really the reason. I just wanted desert, but it had to be simple. My go-to simple sweet recipe used to be brownies, but I get messy when melting chocolate is involved. Actually I am generally a bit messy when baking.

Anyway... so brownies were my go-to treat, but now I think blondies have replaced them. They are marginally quicker to make and just as satisfying, unless I really need chocolate. I have tried a few recipes but they weren't quite what I wanted. The recipe I used most frequently always ended up a bit greasy due to the ratio of butter to everything else, a bit too thin and a little heavy since there was no leavening. I sorta combined a couple recipes with my own twist for this one so feel free to give it a try. I will try to get a picture of a bar when I get home, but make no promises if there is a lack of daylight. I underbaked mine a little. I was going for gooey, but I think I went a little too gooey.

I have published the recipe here for your blondie baking pleasure.

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