Thursday, May 01, 2008

FO: small snail

Pattern: Snails and Slugs
Yarn: Scraps of Fearless Fibers
Needles: I think 2.5mm dpns, but it may have been 2.25mm
Mods: No eyes as of yet, but I should probably add some

Here are some pics for scale:

First with my favorite lip balm.

He's so tiny! Either that or my lip balm is huge.

Ok, so it was the lip balm. Here it is with a normal sized tube of Dr. Pepper LipSmacker.

Still pretty tiny, though.

Happy May Day! Is anyone else in denial that it is already May?


Rachel said...

So I have to ask...what are you doing with all these little critters? Too cute tho!

RadioactiveUnicorn said...

whoa, giant Dr. Pepper lip balm! And such a cute snail!

AndreaLea said...

I queued that snail but it looks so fiddly! I didn't realize it was that tiny either. So cute!
I have never seen a lip balm as huge as yours.