Friday, May 02, 2008

It looks like I will be attending Tulip Time in Pella tomorrow. My grandma, who lives in Pella, asked if Josh and I would be available to go and I said we might. I didn't realize she thought we were going for sure until I received an email from her a few minutes ago. Oops! I should have talked to her again between last Saturday and now, but I honestly forgot about it with the craziness of work and tae kwon do this week and planning for all that is going on next weekend. Josh can't go as he is helping his dad lay tile in their kitchen, but I will go. I think I need to go to the library and find and audiobook for the drive. Three hours in a car by myself is a bit much, especially when I wasn't really planning on it and I most likely will be driving there again next weekend.

I should be getting my sample knitting today or tomorrow, so hopefully I can bring it with me and get some knitting done during the parade.

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Amanda said...

That would actually sound like fun if the weather forecast wasn't for cold, rain, and wind.