Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I did get to help fill sand bags yesterday and I am really feeling it today. Not only am I quite sore from the physical labor involved (wet sand is heavy), but I got a good sunburn on my arms. Josh had both of our bottles of sunscreen with him at the golf course, and I stayed longer than I initially intended. I think I was out there for at least 3.5 hours. We were filling sand bags to be used to protect the city's wells that are all along the river and the electrical equipment near them. There are three of them on the paths I run, and I always wondered what they were.

The Coralville Res went over the spillway last night about 8:30pm and the water should be making it's way down the Iowa River to the Iowa City area in about an hour so it's about to get messy. It is interesting to me how some of the businesses around our apartment have surrounded themselves with sand bags and others right next to them haven't. I took a few pictures yesterday of the bridge across the street from my apartment as I walked to the area they were sandbagging.

More rain is headed our way today and a lot more tomorrow. The river is not predicted to peak until next Monday, so we are in for an interesting few days. I am obsessively checking our local newspaper's website for info.

ETA: If you are in the IC/Coralville area and want to help check out and Coralville's website. The column on the right side of the page lists places sandbaggers are needed and how to get to them.


Libby said...

I'm obsessively hitting refresh on the P-C site today as well. This is unreal.

What does Clear Creek look like over by Taco Bell? It was crazy high when I was over there on Monday.

RadioactiveUnicorn said...

Hey, where did you go to sandbag? Will they still be doing it there tonight? I want to go help.

Amanda said...

I feel like I'm abandoning my city. Now they're saying that with no more rain, the river won't peak until the 20th. And they're predicting the crest will be at a level that will close I380.