Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I don't really remember the floods of '93 since they didn't really affect me in any significant way, and I was 10, so didn't really care about that kind of stuff. The floods now, though they aren't really affecting me other than more traffic on my bus' route to work, I am definitely going to remember this. I can see the river from my apartment so I been watching it rise.

I plan to help with the sandbagging this afternoon if they are still in need of more sandbags in an area I can get to. Josh helped yesterday when they asked for volunteers at Lowe's. Amanda found his picture on the local paper's website in the flood pics from yesterday. They are placing sandbags near the dog park I run around in the mornings.

I took some pictures of the clouds (the ones I wanted to see when I stepped on random sharp piece of plastic) from the thunderstorms on Sunday and Monday and have them on my Flickr page if you care to look. You can also see my toe, which doesn't show much or the bloody mess I made on the floor while trying to get to a paper towel.

Though I have been distracted by storms I did make a bit of progress on Elijah.

I have also been distracted by new yarn. See, blurry picture due to excitement.


Libby said...

In '93, I was living outside of DSM, and I definitely remember it. It was awful.

I'm infatuated with keeping myself updated on all the latest flood news, and wish I could get out of my cubicle to help with the sandbagging efforts (even if I'm a weakling). I think they'll take all the help they can get for another day or two when it will be too late.

This is unbelievable.

Rachel said...

You get floods, and we get snow! My poor garden was covered in snow this morning when I woke up. But I'll take the snow...floods are so damaging and scary!

Elijah is looking a little sad with only one arm :)