Monday, June 09, 2008

It was a really nice weekend. I experimented a bit on my oatmeal bar recipe with good results and made two fabulous appetizers which are new to my repertoire. I got to play with a yeast dough (always fun) then turned it into a tasty pizza with extra dough stashed in the freezer. Josh and I saw Kung Fu Panda, which was excellent. I bought an iPod Shuffle (because the price of an armband for my iPod Nano is almost as much), went on a run, and got some knitting and crocheting done.

I also stepped on a weird piece of plastic which ended up embedded in the ball of my left foot near my big toe about half an inch while I was trying to go out onto my balcony to take a picture of the nasty looking wall cloud. I then made a bloody mess on my kitchen floor while I yelled for Josh that I was getting blood all over the floor. At least I think it was plastic because Josh broke it and threw it away before I could examine it more closely. My foot feels bruised and tender and still oozes a bit. Lovely, I know. I am a bit worried about it getting infected since the piece of mystery plastic was on the floor and made it quite a ways into my foot (not that our floor is dirty it's just a floor). It kinda ruins my workout plans for the next few days due to it's location. I am surprised I have gotten any running in with my sore knee, chest cold with cough, pulled hamstring and now puncture wound to bottom of foot which prohibits even normal walking. I am trying to get into a running routine, but it's not going so well.

ETA: This sounds like a really neat way to power your home using solar panels.

Definitely make these if you aren't near a campfire.


Amanda said...

Poor footsie!

RadioactiveUnicorn said...

lol, I was going to post about how excited I was that I made pizza dough with actual yeast this weekend, and I was going to leave out the part where I totally copied you and made the oatmeal bars. However, it turns out that we are on the same baking schedule, so I guess I'll go make those s'mores bars (cuz let's face it, they look amazing) and get it over with.

I hope your foot feels better. That sucks.

Cookie baker Lynn said...

Euwww, your poor foot! I hope it doesn't get infected and heals well. You cleaned it out really well, yes?

My kids can't wait to go see Kung Fu Panda!