Thursday, July 31, 2008

I am once again at the Caribou Coffee about 5 blocks from my place. They are ridiculously ubiquitous around here. It's hard to go more than a few blocks without seeing one. I am not complaining since they have WiFi and coffee.

We are hardly settled, but the place is livable. I think we are going to wait to replace the couch until we move again, since we know that will happen soon. Also, we are only unpacking what we really want or need out for the same reason. I have so much more counter space and more cabinets that I am having trouble deciding where to put stuff int he kitchen. It's tiny and heats up quickly, but I think the appliances are better. Our clothes dryer goes for over an hour yet the clothes are still damp, so I am off to Target to exchange the drying rack we picked up yesterday since half of the attachment sites for the rack are already broken. I guess my attempt to save $7 wasn't worth it.

Josh is working tonight so I am going to bake something and maybe make some pizza dough to stash in the freezer. I may need to make myself a mini pizza tonight if I can find my unglazed tiles. I hope to replace them since Josh's new employer specializes in tile.

Ok, I am off to Target and the grocery store so I can get home and do some more organizing. I would like to be able to walk around without tripping over cardboard boxes. I may even knit tonight since I can't remember the last time I knit a stitch!


Carrie said...

Welcome to Minnesota! The land of Targets and Caribous.
Try the fruit smoothies at Caribou, they're delicious.

Dragonfly said...

glad to hear you are starting to settle in. baking and knitting should make it feel like home.

The Boozeness said...

Wifi and Coffee. Is there a better combo?

I found you dorkily enough on David Ds blog.

As a film maker myself, I have started a petition and blog on the subjest of a 3rd X Files movie over at

I would be grateful if we could both bloglist:-)

Is that how its done?

Thanks again,