Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The truck is fixed. It was a minor thing, which is a relief, and apparently the part was readily available. I am going to drive to Josh's dad's workplace whenever I can get off work today to switch vehicles. Hopefully I can get back in time to go to tae kwon do even though it is going to be terribly hot and humid up there. Then I can go home, shower and enjoy another salad.

What should I put in my salad? Last night was just the herb and lettuce mix, shredded rotisserie chicken and some croutons with some toasted ravioli on the side (cleaning out the freezer a bit). The night before was watermelon, feta, and tofu. I have also considered making a chicken salad with the Greek yogurt and some of the rotisserie chicken or maybe edamame or cannellini beans or chickpeas or... I just can't decide. I have enough salad ingredients to get me through the week and then some.

Now I am hungry and all I have for lunch is a chicken and swiss sandwich since my peach was too mushy.

Does anyone need a couch?

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