Sunday, July 13, 2008

Well, we took our first load up to the new place. We didn't get nearly as much stuff up there as we wanted, but considering we each have a large dresser, desk, rather large TV and TV stand, and tall shelves as well as the bed and many, many boxes of DVDs, we did pretty well. Now I am left alone with the mess we left behind. Josh gets a new mess. My hands are rather sore and my legs have more bruises than I care to count including one, about the size of my fist, which I have no idea when I received.

Josh's parents as well as my mom helped with the driving of truck and trailer as well as emptying all the vehicles and drinking the beer (ok, that last part was just Josh's dad). Scooter was there for entertainment purposes. Josh and I took the parental units out to dinner at a place with a wood burning oven, which was excellent and Granite City for an excellent and incredibly filling brunch. If Josh's truck is fixed or using his parent's truck, I will most likely be taking another trip up there with whatever I can get into the truck by myself. Does anyone want to go with me? Also, does anyone want a 4 shelf particle board bookshelf? I am not keen on moving it north and taking apart particle board items once they are put together usually ends in failure. Let me know if you are interested in it or a couch with hide-a-bed from the 80's, possible 70's. If you are a Scrubs fan you will see our couch bears a remarkable resemblance to the couch from the first season or so. Well, theirs' was in a bit better shape, i.e, not so saggy and worn.

Now, I am tired and not quite used to being here alone yet. I can't decide which DVD to throw in the player, since I don't want to continue the TV shows Josh and I were watching. I guess I could get a start on my new X-Files DVDs. I am also not quite used to the idea of sleeping in the living room.


AndreaLea said...

I'm glad you had some help driving and and with the moving. It's such hard work!
At least the end is in sight. :)

Amanda said...

Ooh, was it Dolittle's Woodfire Grill? That's where I ate the Best Salad Ever.

I would offer to go, but my next two weekends are going to be taken up with grading tests. I will definitely help you load, though.