Friday, August 29, 2008

Turning down money, especially more than you thought you would get, is hard. I think it was the right decision though. Here's the deal, the damage to my car is just a couple hundred dollars or so away from being totaled. The insurance company offered to total it so we could either salvage it or just take the money and run. The really surprising part is how much they think my car is worth. It's about twice what I thought. After the initial estimate I thought they were going to total it and not give us the choice. We have decided to have them fix the car instead of taking the money and buying a new car because we can't deal with a car payment right now. We weren't planning for a car payment until after we were settled in a house and more settled in general and though this would have been a great jump start on a car, the timing is just wrong. Even 6 months or so from now, when I am making a bit more money, we most likely have a house and know what kind of monthly payments we will be making, we may have taken the money.

I hate making decisions sometimes. At least we are getting a new TV and now they are going to upgrade our rental because my car won't be fixed until next Wednesday and apparently the car they gave us has been sold. I miss my car and it's wacky fan the only works on high, manual transmission, and small trunk. The trunk on our rental is huge, while the car itself is not that much bigger. It's just odd.

On the knitting/crocheting front, I had to order more yarn for the baby blanket I am working on because I was just using stash yarn. I of course failed to hold onto the ball bands for either colorway and they didn't make it into my stash on Ravelry.I luckily ordered the correct colors and just in case I got it wrong I got a skein of yarn to make the chunky version of Foliage as I have had the strangest urge to knit a hat lately. Also, some more colorwork is increasingly tempting as is the February Lady Sweater.

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