Sunday, August 31, 2008

My family rocks. They have really been great with all the car crap my mom and sister have been dealing with. First my grandma just offered my sister a nice chunk of money to help with her car rental expenses and general living expenses while she's student teaching. Her generosity about made me cry. Then, my uncle, a pilot for Delta, offered to do the driving and car swapping for my sister and mom since he can take advantage of free flights. They are too nice! I can't believe how generous they are being with their time, support, advice and even money, without being asked. I love my family.

Ok, my plan to nap didn't work very well. Naps make me tense and I can't seem to relax and just sleep. I think about what I need to do after my nap and the sleep isn't always the most restful. I tend, it seems, to sleep at more normal times on the weekend, since I can go to work whenever I want on Sunday as long as no one else needs the same space. Since everyone else is taking today off I can work whenever I want. I offered to work since the extra money is nice and because I want to get used to this schedule. It will also be my first week without extra help and I thought an extra day would be nice. I wish I was in the mood for coffee. I may still stop at a coffee shop before I go in.

Now to find some food.

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