Saturday, September 06, 2008

So I am starting to settle into my new routine and the job is going well. She gave me a raise on my first paycheck, which was a total surprise. I must be doing something right. So far there are only two things I don't like about the job, and the hours aren't one of them. Red velvet cake is a total pain because it gets everywhere, there are a lot of dishes to wash.

My car is back! It's so shiny and they even vacuumed the inside and cleaned it up a bit. It smells like paint, but that will go away along with the cleanness. I am so glad to be rid of that stupid PT Cruiser. It's ugly, the gas mileage was kinda crappy, and it can't accelerate. I missed my car.

So after getting the car repaired for free we are getting a free TV! The TV we purchase in Iowa when we moved into our last place has had a flaw in it since we bought it. It's nothing major, just a little bump to the left of center on the bottom of the screen that is only noticeable if you look for it and apparently the repairman we had in here to fix an issue that arose after we moved it (the image was tilted) noticed it. We purchased a 5 year protection plan with the TV because we knew we would be moving out of the state at some point and it paid off. Our TV isn't made anymore so they are giving us $750 to get a new TV!!! We paid about $450 including the protection plan, so it was well worth it. We are waiting for them to deliver our new flat screen 37" LCD TV sometime during the next two weeks. I am just glad they are taking the old one with them because that thing weighs about 200lbs.

I have been knitting and crocheting, well mostly crocheting, but it hasn't made it into Ravelry or the blog yet. My camera batteries are dead so I will post pics when it's done along with the planned tiny baby socks.

Ok, I need to finish getting ready because I need some food!


Dragonfly said...

you are full of good news! Congrats on everything!

Cookie baker Lynn said...

Glad you got the car back and a new TV. Sounds like all is good.