Friday, October 03, 2008

Again with the somewhat long absence. My sleep schedule has been so wacky lately (I really should go to bed instead of blogging, Plurking, and TV watching right now) that updating this has just not happened. At least work is going really well, except for the long hours this week. Apparently everything I make is turning out well, and I totally conquered red velvet cupcakes which I formerly called (affectionately of course) little cake volcanoes.

Well, we have been doing some exciting things. Last weekend we started looking at houses. In our price range there are a lot of forclosures and short sales, but we are hopeful. We are going to go up about $10K to see if we can find something that needs less work and won't increase our monthly payments too much. We haven't quite found what we are looking for yet, but are hopeful that something will click tomorrow when we go look at 8 more.

Once we get a new-to-us-house, we can move our new TV into it. Speaking of the new TV, it was free! Today, after waiting for Sears to contact us for about a month, we went to the store again and came home with our TV, which was unexpected. What we thought was going to happen was they were going to come get our old TV which they junked and bring our new one. Instead, they are letting us keep the old one and giving us a new one. After the luck we had with the protection plan we purchased on the last TV we got another one and since we didn't pay for the TV it is totally worth it. It's so shiny and wide and the colors are pretty. It's 37 inches of flat TV and I loves it. Now for the house...

I finished one sock...and started another pair which doesn't include the finished sock's mate. Doh!

Pretend there is a picture here. All my available batteries are dead. Will remedy that shortly.

I will keep you updated on the house hunting and sock progress.


RadioactiveUnicorn said...

Good luck choosing a house! I really want to try your little cake volcanoes!

Cookie baker Lynn said...

Now is an excellent time to be house shopping, for sure. I hope you find a charming house right in your price range (with lots of storage for yarn.)