Thursday, October 09, 2008

Well, we put an offer on a house! It has to go through the bank as it is a short sale, so we are going to have to wait at least a couple weeks. We love the house and there is very little that needs to be done on it, which is perfect for us. It could use a new washer and dryer, but everything else is pretty new and well maintained. I will be rather disappointed if we don't get it.

In anticipation of mortgage payments and higher bills, I have volunteered to work a few weekend hours if they need me at the shop. It's easier than finding a part-time job and my boss seems quite willing to have me work more hours.

I started the Through The Loops Mystery sock for Socktober, but will need to frog so i can knit a size smaller. I should have went with my normal numbers and not worried about the warning to increase the number of stitches since the pattern fits rather tight. Oh well. The first clue was quick and easy.

I also started a hat to get me through the lull b/t finishing the first clue and the release of the second.

Ok, I need to get to bed and figure out a way to top sneezing. I think I have a cold.

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Dragonfly said...

the house is so exciting! I can't imagine how nerve-wracking it must be to sit and wait though! Crossing my fingers for you guys