Monday, October 13, 2008

Still waiting to hear about the house, as expected, but the time is just dragging by. We can't seem to help brainstorming about what we would do in there if/when we get it. We need to stop! I don't want to do much more house hunting after finding this place, and it will be that much harder if we don't get it after all the thought we have been putting into it. Grrr...aaarrgh.

In other news, well, there actually is no other news. I have frogged about 10 rows of the TTL Mystery socks due to my inability to follow directions because I assume I know what I am doing, and the same thing happened with Foliage, so there is nothing to show.

I essentially did a double shift at the shop yesterday, but I got home around 3:30am so was able to go to sleep when it was still dark, which is what I look forward to. I plan to sleep some more later, but for now am awake. I was so tired yesterday that I am surprised I am as awake as I am.

Happy Columbus Day! Does anyone get the day off?


Carrie said...

Good luck with the house.
I had to frog a bunch of the TTL sock too...frustrating.
No day off for me.
Have a good week!

RadioactiveUnicorn said...

I SO hope you get the house!!! Isn't it exciting thinking of house things to do?

~Knitting Up A Storm~ said...

NO! I guess the library is always open...except at night. I wish I had the holiday off.

Yeah, I work two jobs. I know how you feel. I'm just so tired all the time. I start early morning, and I'm not a morning person. If I don't get my strong morning coffee, I'm no good to anyone. lol.