Monday, November 24, 2008

I really enjoy finding, what I think, is the perfect gift for someone I care about. Of course there are the times when your gift is so perfect the person purchased the item already without your knowledge. Despite the fact I love giving a great gift, I really hate figuring out what that gift should be.

Until last week, I hadn't even thought about what I wanted to get anyone. I figured out a few things this weekend and had a really good idea for Josh one day, but that disappeared from my mind before I could write it down.

This year, I am completely lost. Also, I have no idea what my plans are for Christmas. Maybe i will make everyone come to me on the pretense of showing them my new house.

Josh and I weren't planning to get gifts with the whole house thing, but today he decided we should get small gifts. His "reason" other than wanting to get me something, was he doesn't want to explain to people why he's not getting me anything.

I know I am going to be making a few coffee cozies and thick socks. Josh is getting a Jayne hat, but he knows about that so I don't think that's going to count as his gift.

Grr... I hate making decisions.

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