Thursday, November 06, 2008

Is everyone else having an exciting week? I think the election got almost everyone excited while the outcome excited me, I know that is not true for everyone. Also not everyone else is in the process of buying a house. On election day, we learned the other offer on the house we want has been withdrawn. We also learned the bank isn't going to make the decision on our offer for another 2 weeks. Grrrr arrrgh. I hate waiting. At least the longer they wait, the more likely they are to not care as much about our late closing date, due to our lease obligation. A month ago it was a bit of an obstacle, but after the two weeks are up, our chosen closing date is significantly closer. Hopefully we will know whether or not the house is ours by the time we need to let our rental company know if we are staying or not.

I still haven't finished my TTL Mystery socks, but I am close. While they don't take a lot of concentration, I needed something that takes less for TV watching and standing in voting lines. I started another pair of Charade on election day in case I had to wait in line, which I didn't. Though I didn't make it on to the registered voters list. At least I am doubly registered now!

Now for some pics. First the new sock

Second, a pair of Fetching for my boss since she admired my pair and that automatically earns you a pair, in my book.

Third, the TTL Mystery socks in their current UFO state.

Fourth, you would probably think I have a destructive pet based on the state of this poor chair's upholstery, but you would be wrong. This would be why our first major purchase when we get a house is a couch followed by a better washing machine and exercise equipment.


laura (knittinkitties) said...

totally excited!!! i've been grinning ear to ear

love your myster socks!!

Amanda said...

I don't miss that chair at all. :)

At least it's looking better and better on the house, even if you have to wait so long...

Dragonfly said...

I had to queue the Charade socks. I think it's looking good for the house and the fact that the other offer withdrew is good for you!

Carrie said...

I love the yarn you're using for the new socks.
Good luck with the house!

Anonymous said...

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